Friday, June 29, 2012

Worth Something

Matthew 18:10
New Century Version (NCV)
10 "Be careful. Don't think these little children are worth nothing. I tell you that they have angels in heaven who are always with my Father in heaven.
After another long week of work, a long day of wearing shoes that were too cute (i.e. uncomfortable) all I really wanted to do was was head home, kick off my shoes and start relaxing. 
The kids that I pick up for church on Sunday were in a bind, though.  The family was out of food and no way of getting any for a few days.  So, instead of going straight home, I stopped at the store and spent a few more minutes in those cute shoes.  I dropped the groceries off, said "hi" to the kids, "no problem" to the parents and finally headed home. 
A lot of people would discount the value of these children and/or their parents.  The kids aren't always clean.  The house is messy.  And the children are destined to continue the life they are being raised in on into adulthood. 
Except - they have people in their lives who have read Matthew 18:10.  The sweetness and innocence of these children shines even through the dirt.  They just need need someone to care about them, to hug them, to say, "I love you", to go thirty minutes out of their way to make sure they have food.  This all became very clear as I drove home, the small inconvenience of it that I had felt faded with thoughts of compassion and thankfulness. 
Look around you, find a child that society has put on the lowest rung and be an earthly angel to them.  They are worth something