Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Power of Love

Romans 13:10
(New Century Version)

Love never hurts a neighbor, so loving is obeying all the law.

As my fingers try to articulate my thought today, I find it difficult to put into a few simple words the overwhelming sense I have of the power that love has.  The word love is thrown about carelessly so much of the time.  Some mistake other feelings for love.  Some think love hurts.  Some have no idea what love even looks like.

Notice I did not say what love feels like.  While the love Jesus has for us is perfect because He is perfect, I believe the love we have for each other is not perfect, we are not perfect...because feelings do get involved.

Thankfully, our imperfections to not preclude love.  When one obeys and fulfills the law...that is love.  That's when the power of love happens.