Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Don't Laugh

Micah 7:8
New Century Version
Enemy, don’t laugh at me.
    I have fallen, but I will get up again.
I sit in the shadow of trouble now,
    but the Lord will be a light for me.
I literally just directed somebody else's attention to this scripture as an encouragement, and immediately I felt my own spirit jump up in recognition.  Recently, I have been discouraged with myself over some things, and I am the best at knocking myself around.
I fall down.  I mess up.  I do and say things that I wish I could take back.  Why?  Because I'm human.  Sometimes my legs are shaky and my feet stumble. 
I always think of the "enemy" as Satan, and while yes, he certainly is, sometimes I am my own worst enemy.  I beat myself up, I "laugh" at myself because of what I see as my own folly. 
Enemy........Self - don't laugh - get up!  The light of the Lord shines on, His light is never dimmed, the shadows disappear in His love.