Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gettin' It

Psalm 94:7-9
New Life Version (NLV)

7 And they say, “The Lord does not see. The God of Jacob does not care.”
8 Listen, you foolish ones among the people. You fools, when will you understand?
9 He Who made the ear, does He not hear? He Who made the eye, does He not see?

Oh, my.  Well, how do I start this post?  Honestly, I guess.  I was having a couple of rough days recently.  I even complained to a couple of patient friends that I didn't think God was listening to my prayers.  Yep, I actually said it out loud.  And I just felt like my faith and trust was wavering a little, um, a lot.  I started to attempt to convince myself that God just wasn't paying any attention to me and my situation.  So, why keep asking for something....or anything!

So, having been encouraged by my friends, and knowing that just like the apostles, I have no where to go but to the Lord, I managed to pick myself up out of the abyss of my feelings and decide, again, that yes, I will continue to trust God even when I don't see or understand His ways.

That leads me to this morning and the chapter I just "happened" to read.  As you can probably imagine, the scriptures I listed above practically jumped off the page at me.  I get it, I get it!


  1. not to mention the most patient of husbands...

  2. You will never go wrong in trusting His unseen hand. Psalm 37:25 says, " I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread." And the whole of Psalm 139 is beautiful. Dad

  3. i know...i think i may have an extra dose of human in me, though.