Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Voice

2 Timothy 3:16
(New Life Version)

16 All the Holy Writings are God-given and are made alive by Him. Man is helped when he is taught God’s Word. It shows what is wrong. It changes the way of a man’s life. It shows him how to be right with God.

After a little over a year into this blog, this is not the first time I have contemplated the whole thing and been a little uncomfortable with how it may come across to people.  It started out as a way to voice my angst and heartbreak over having my oldest child leave home and go off to college.  I soon discovered that there was a certain amount of relief that accompanied the "voicing" and so have continued to use this blog for that purpose. 

The regular reader knows that every post starts off with a scripture or two, followed by my particular rambling (thought, feeling and/or perspective) of that moment.  I have had the thought throughout that I should post here and there without the scriptures so as not to give anyone the wrong idea.  I am not super-spiritual.  I'm not a theologian.  I claim no special insight or knowledge of the Word.  

But...I don't know how to look at the challenges or joys of life without the scripture!  It is the lifeline to me.  I don't always have it together.  Sometimes I look at the footprints in the sand and wonder why God is making me walk it alone.  Sometimes things around me distract me from my purpose.  Sometimes I cry from hurt and frustration.  Sometimes life just seems too hard to handle.  

So, while there is certainly a spiritual perspective and application to all of my posts, it is only because I can't do life without the guidance and divine intervention that only God's Word can give.  I need reminders of who He is, who I am, and that those are His footprints - I'm in His arms. 


  1. Perfectly timed and perfectly said, Susanna. Thank you.

  2. Exactly Susanna. I can't live without God's Word to guide me every day either. That's where my thoughts come from; God has influenced my thinking totaly. I want to please Him, so I read His Word to know what pleases Him. When you read the Word, that's what is in your mind from the time you get up each day till you go to sleep each night. That's not to say wrong thoughts never try to crowd a person's mind, but we can resist those in Jesus Name.