Monday, November 19, 2012

Worth Every Minute

3 John 1:4
Complete Jewish Bible

4 Nothing gives me greater joy than hearing that my children are living in the truth.

As Thanksgiving Day draws near, I decided that I would take a moment to express my thankfulness for my children.  So much of what we deal with on a day to day basis can overshadow our appreciation for those closest to us.  I am no exception...have you read any of my other posts?!?!  It is so easy to get distracted by those pesky daily life problems!

I clearly remember being a young mother with two little toddlers and thinking that those days of diapers and no privacy (bathroom door always open) were never going to end.  I thought for a little while that my boys might grow up to be juvenile delinquents because I couldn't get them to mind all the time.  I would go to church and spend the majority of the time, it seemed, in the nursery.  I would wonder, why am I even here?  Why?

Well, this is why.  With my oldest son already moved out of the house and my youngest son nearing adulthood, I see them making their own commitments to God and living in truth.  I am so proud of those two boys and the men they are becoming.  I look back at those days of sitting in the nursery, the worry about whether or not I was doing a good enough job being a mom and feeling like I had lost my own identity, with thankfulness.   There was a purpose and it was worth every minute.

P.S.  Please note, this is just and expression of my own experiences and feelings, I would like to point out that I couldn't have done it without my one and only, the Father of my Children.  I love you!

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