Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Psalm 51:10

Psalm 51:10

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

God has been dealing with me regarding the idea of myself having a clean and right heart and spirit.  You see, I'm no different than anyone else.  I struggle with situations and circumstances that don't measure up to what I think they should.  On top of that my personality is such that I tend to see things in black and white, not a whole lot of grey areas.  And I'm either all in or all out.  Not much middle ground. 

When I do some self-reflecting, I realize my struggle is basic human nature.  Human nature is to look out for "nĂºmero uno."  We deal with people and things according to how we think.  Because, obviously, that is what makes the most sense. 

Until we remember that once given to God, our life is not our own.  His way is very much different than mine.  So, if I sincerely pray this Psalm, I have to also let go of my own ideas and assessments, and let His Word guide my thoughts and actions. 

Honestly, some days it seems too hard.  It is literally taking one's own personality and letting it be shaped by someone can certainly be uncomfortable, if not painful, at times.  But the peace that comes with surrendering one's own will to His, is's worth it.

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