Friday, August 19, 2011


Psalm 147:3
New King James Version (NKJV)

 3 He heals the brokenhearted
         And binds up their wounds.

Ever have an owie?  As a mom, one of my jobs has been to kiss them and make them better.  Now, granted, haven't done that for a while now, but I can remember making a few owie's feel better by just a kiss.  (And generally, it was an instant healing!)   But you know how sometimes kids don't want you to touch the owie for fear it will make it hurt worse?

Well, most everyone has experienced an emotional "owie" a time or two, give or take a few hundred, right?  From a misunderstanding with a friend to outright malicious acts by someone.  All of it hurts.  But you can't see it.  And it is so easy to put a virtual bandaid on it and move on with your life.  You can pretty much fool everyone, including yourself, sometimes, that it doesn't bother you.  But...if you've ever surrendered your life to God, or prayed for Him to guide your path...He will.  And it can only include the emotional healing that probably all of us can use. 

A very wise person reminded me recently that wounds that get "bandaided" and never really taken care aren't a pretty sight.  In fact, if you go to take the bandaid off, the wound is going to be worse than when you put the bandaid on.  And the cleaning or cleansing process is painful! 

So, whether an emotional wound is recent or it's been festering for a while, God can heal it.  And while the process might be painful, I bet we can count on Him to be gentle and loving.  I will be humble enough to admit I have a few that need His attention.  And I will trust in His process, however painful, and let Him heal.

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  1. Yes, we must let him heal; and he will if we let him. Thank God.