Thursday, October 11, 2012

Momentary Flare

Psalm 62:1

Easy-to-Read Version

I must calm down and turn to God; only he can rescue me.

Sometimes there are days, even weeks of chaos in one's life.  Sometimes it just a momentary flare.  I find myself having those moments every now and then.  Usually because I let myself dwell on things that I cannot change - whether it be circumstances or what someone else thinks.  

Forgiveness is a pathway to freedom, no doubt.  And as I have let Him, God has shown me that path.  But can I just be honest right now and say that while the choice to forgive frees one from unnecessary bondage, it doesn't always take away the hurt and disappointment that one may have.  It doesn't make you forget the people you once loved and counted on, that helped make your life complete.  It doesn't give back innocence or that face-value trust that one might have had.  

I know that I am not the only one who has those "momentary flares".  We all rub shoulders with those who either maliciously or ignorantly have caused us to feel hurt, loss, disappointment.  Most of us go ahead and put the smile on (thankfully!) and forge does go on!  

But on that forgiveness pathway I know there is also the healing and rescue if we turn towards it. I think a deep breath is in order. Calm - God - Rescue.

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