Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Luke 8:1-3
New Life Version (NLV)

After this Jesus went to all the cities and towns preaching and telling the Good News about the holy nation of God. The twelve followers were with Him. 2 Some women who had been healed of demons and diseases were with Him. Mary Magdalene, who had had seven demons put out of her, was one of them. 3 Joanna, the wife of Chuza who was one of Herod’s helpers, was another one. Susanna and many others also cared for Jesus by using what they had.

Who wouldn't want to find their name in the Bible?  Not only is mine in there, but it's only in there once. Well, for some reason the other day, I decided to just glance at it again.  I read that last phrase and it jumped out at me.  Some, who know me, know that I have never been completely comfortable in the some of the roles I have found myself fulfilling.  I'm kind of the type to likes to blend in with the crowd.  I don't like public speaking, I don't like being the center of attention, in fact, I'm rather shy and reserved.  All of that sort of explains my feelings of angst when it comes to some of the roles I fulfill.  There have even been times, and still are some times, when I have raised an eyebrow at God, as in - what, exactly, are You thinking?

I've looked around me and seen examples of what/who I thought I should be like...and that just makes me feel like I am playing dress-up.  So, for reasons of His own, I have continued to fulfill certain roles and functions in my life. Comfortable or not.  I have already come to this conclusion, of course, but as I read this scripture, I saw exactly what He has been teaching me all this time.  I may not do it like someone else, or like I think someone should do it, but that isn't what He wants.  If He has assigned me a certain task, then all He is asking is that I use what I have and who I am to fulfill that task.  

Each of us are different.  Differently personalities, different strengths, different quirks, different struggles.  Not only does the Word say not to compare ourselves to other people, it really is a completely pointless thing to do.  I think we are all safe in assuming that God made us different because that's the way He wanted us.  And just like the Susanna in the book of Luke, we should serve Him by using what we have, what He gave us.  

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