Thursday, July 21, 2011



Psalm 119:50
New Century Version (NCV)

50 When I suffer, this comforts me:
Your promise gives me life.

A warning to my reader, my posts most likely will be interspersed with my feelings of angst as I adjust to being the mother of an (legally) adult child.  I find myself at any given time, with no notice at all, dealing with a lump in my throat.  And, I admit, a few tears.  Not only have I lived through the overnight phenomenon of having an adult child, I know exactly how many days until he leaves for college.  Today's count was thirty-seven.  This transition period is rather overwhelming and leaves me with the feeling that there is a huge part of my heart being slowly ripped out.  I know this is a normal process of life.  I know babies grow up to be adults and the whole process starts over.  But right now, I feel like the only mother in the world who has ever had to go through this painful process!  My heart is breaking!  Again, the scriptures bring me comfort.  I trust in His promises and my heart will live.

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